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The Pageant Place has been in business for some 18 years now. Over the course this time a common question is often asked ~ how do you MAKE money in the field of pageantry?  Well believe it or not there are several ways! Some as you know are pageant directors, designers, hair-make up groomers, photographers, digital editors, coaches, personal fitness trainers, the professional contestant, even social related contests promoters like an online pageant or photo contest via Facebook ect.  The trend now seems to be tailoring to contestant needs offering salon services, tanning even photo shoots at the pageant or the contestants home after normal business hours. Ahh, the pageant concierge !

 Well, something about Pageantry, once it is in your blood, it is hard to think of doing anything else.  However, the services provided by any profession sometimes it's just not for us. Even more, many I have spoken with, still need more money or WORSE they trade the money for time and have little time with their family.  Others want more money FOR pageants, some even have charitable or platform goals that seem to be beyond their capabilities.  Does any of this sound familiar? 

Over the past year we have been working with one of pageants best to derive a solution of How do I make Money in Pageants! We have a system for each area of pageantry; those currently in a pageant business, wanting in the pageant business, even those that used to be in the pageant business or wanting to make money in order to support their entry fees and even charitable events.  The system is custom tailored to your needs

How Much can I make & Why US

This system has helped people make a few extra dollars a month to several thousand. Combining the expert advise and strategic planning of a Miss America & Miss USA celebrity judge, a marketing guru that has consulted for businesses as large as NBC and has promoted authors to the New Your Times Best Sellers List, the founder of the number one website in a pageantry field, a retail professional both online and physical, an accountant specializing in small business as well as managing multi million dollar estates, a fitness/nutrition guru, as well as bringing 28 years of pageantry to work for you and help you FREE!  An added benefit you can take it with you, no matter where you go or what your work situation may be later even if you opt out of pageantry. 

Specific Questions usually asked
There are the common questions most ask so I'm going to list the answers for you now and if you would like help on turning your future around then I will be surely glad to arrange time to talk with you more in detail.

(1) How old do I need to be? Preferably at least 25 unless you are a teen contestant looking for a platform builder or have some SUPER SUPER qualities that make us want to help you.

(2) Yes, even if you don't have a business we can still help or no longer in the pageant business.

(3)No, you don't have to work full time but you can if you desire, as long as you are willing to work hard during the time you do chose, remember this is to help you.

(4) Yes you have the tools to do this if you are reading this - IE a telephone, or a computer/tablet. You don't need anything fancy and won't have to invest in equipment either.

(5) Investment? Depending on your goals, there is a refundable deposit good for a full year if you chose to let us help you.  Yes that is right, good for a full year!

(6) NO, you don't have to buy or build an inventory, no shipping or stocking anything either!

(7) No, if you are not interested I will not bother you, just like hiring personnel, if you don't want to work or don't want help, I am not going to waste my time nor yours. Make since ,lol?

(8) Why help YOU free? That is easy, we essentially work by the philosophy of one of the wealthiest men in history; Andrew Carnegie,  who said “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own.” The more successful you are, the more successful we will be.

(9) NO, It doesn't matter if you don't have a client list ~ a freebie, we will show you how to get one or expand your current list even if you are not interested in this no matter what ~ FREE if you want. Over the years we have just found this to be a key asset to those wanting to list build - ie looking for sponsors, contestants, new clients ect. but  no for this you don't need a client list one and you don't have to buy one either!

Ready to find out more?

You need to email or call me 1-334-774-7693 to arrange a time that we can spend a few minutes to determine your goals and explain the system best for you. This is a FREE consultation, the only requirement is your time and most interviews are done via telephone. You will also receive FREE - valuable insights, tools and advice for making your current profession or platform more successful by industry pros even if this system is not right for you. Please remember, I/we are interviewing you as well ~ if you make an appointment and don't stick to it, well ~ it just looks bad. Just email your name and a phone number to contact you, if you call and reach the voice mail, just leave a message and I will return your call.

We have various calls with professionals, webinars and free tips at your finger tips for you to use. Just submit your email and you will have the information right to your inbox.


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