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Do you LOVE Pageants
and want to increase or create revenue ~ Contestants, Directors,  Vendors, or Parents.  Proven methods that have been an overwhelming welcome Pageant World! Details


We have various calls with professionals, webinars and free tips at your finger tips for you to use now.  So just submit your email and you will have the information when you are ready.

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Now for those of you interested in the old group formats The Pageant Place has that also.  If you are familiar with Yahoo! Groups, you know you can set your preferences to what types of email you receive.  You may chose special notices only by email, you can choose daily digest, you can chose all emails...your choice, yet can still post and read messages to the group.  Beautypageantfashions is open to all, Southncalbabypageants was "gifted" our way but as you can tell by the name is targeted for the California area. Groups list can unsubscribe at anytime

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